This project won Gold at the 2014 Digital Signage Expo Apex Awards!

Cineplex Digital Solutions, the digital signage provided for Scotiabank, sought out my expertise with Christie MicroTiles to help them develop content and technical strategies for Scotiabank’s new flagship branch in the bustelling Yorkdale Mall (Toronto, Ontario).

The new MicroTile wall was positioned right above the entrance to the new flagship branch for clients to see comfortably from the hallway or waiting areas inside of the branch. The wall also features a unique design showcasing the creative abilities of Cineplex and the MicroTiles with some of the tiles extruding from the wall and others matching up with the wall to create a very pleasing 3D effect with the sign.

I helped Cineplex by providing them with valuable insight on the installation requirements, content constraints, and technical needs of the MicroTile product. I developed testing scenarios for the tile installation, content testing, and the technology testing. I also participated in weekly check-in meetings providing insight where ever possible on the life cycle of a MicroTile project.

Using the Christie Digital MicroTiles calculator I helped develop the content creation template and rendering specifications, indicating where the content would be split for output from the media player, where title safes are located, and providing the array arrangement to maximize resolution output from the player to the tiles.

Yorkdale Mall has strict guidelines for digital signage which required us to develop the best possible way to stream long length large file size videos to the wall. I developed the testing files for Cineplex to determine the best method to reduce file size and length and stress on the player while maintaining a smooth and flawless playback.