James Wilkinson

Events, Development, Product, DOOH

I'm more than just a front-end developer. I understand how the back-end works and what pitfalls and wins the front-end can get, I know when a piece of logic will over complicate a user experince, and I know when a design needs tweaked to work in the browser. I also organize Full Stack Toronto a large conference and meetup series for web developers and designers. I've also won two international awards for Digital Out of Home Projects. I'm ready to collaborate with you on your next project!

About Me

About Me!

I'm a passionate and outgoing individual with the goal to create exemplar and award winning experiences. I achieve this through my diverse skill set in the arts, humanities, and technology. I've worked with Canada's largest retailers such as Loblaws, Walmart, Indigo, and Cineplex to bring their solutions to life whether through web development, project planning, or content strategy. I look for opportunites that allow collaboration across UX, business, and technology.

My Skills


Web Development

I've been developing on the front-end for over 10 years on the front-end. I also understand the backend to make small changes when needed during integration.

Product Design

Every good application has a direction, I can help you identify that direction and work with product teams to develop new features that perform and scale.

Project Management

I love teaching and coaching people, it's why I started Full Stack Toronto. Well versed in Agile and Kanban Project Management I can keep your team on track and inspired.


Let's Get In Touch!

If you're looking for someone to join your team that's not affraid to say something when they see something, and work hard for your user then let's get in touch!

This isn't the only place I exist on the Internet, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIN, checkout my photography on Flick'r and ask me about my public speaking!

I am also the Executive Director of Full Stack Toronto, a non-profit bringing together web professionals through commercial free, intermediate and advanced education