At ICF Olson, I was responsible for overseeing a team of front-end developers who worked on a variety of projects using different technology stacks. Our main focus was on our client, Boston Pizza, where we successfully revamped their entire online ordering system by utilizing Adobe AEM, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

During this project, we faced several technical challenges with Boston Pizza, such as managing schedules that spanned multiple days for overnight operations, considering prep and delivery times when placing orders, and implementing a cutting-edge design.

I also collaborated with our vendor partners to negotiate contracts for our Google API implementations, Adobe implementations, and other marketing tracking platforms. Additionally, I successfully implemented various E-Commerce tracking tags through Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager.

Aside from working with Boston Pizza, I frequently traveled to Grand Rapids to collaborate with our client Amway. Together, we designed and implemented a new internal education site that incorporated Okta for single sign-on capabilities and interacted with various APIs to retrieve relevant user data.