Askuity offered retailers a dashboard and reporting application of their sales data from various retailers. While at Askuity I was promoted into a new role of Staff Front-End Developer. This new role focused on leading our efforts to transition from an Angular 1 & 2 hybrid application directly over to React.js

When I arrived at Askuity they had begun the process of moving from Angular 1 to Angular 2. I worked with them to plan out the rest of the transition while they were launching new product offerings. I helped them move to an agile development methodology speeding up their time to delivery for their clients

Further into the tenure of Home Depot we moved to React.js to align with the other departments and adopted their design system and the Ant Design system. Integrating these two together was a challenge as one was writting in web components and the other is a React Library. We ended up wrapping the web components in react components to integrate the two.